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SARC case 2004/368 : Secure By Default

BUG/RFE:4875624 *syslogd* turn off UDP listener by default

BUG/RFE:5004374 Ship with remote services disabled by default

BUG/RFE:5016956 By default rpcbind should not listen for remote requests

BUG/RFE:5016975 By default snmpd/dx should not be enabled.

BUG/RFE:5016998 By default inetd should not listen for remote


BUG/RFE:5017041 By default sendmail should not listen for remote


BUG/RFE:5046450 Create a greenline profile for Secure by Default


BUG/RFE:6267741 RFE: One-touch knob for outbound-only sendmail

BUG/RFE:6414308 syslogd could use some lint soap

Oddly enough, I was just complaining about this myself. :)