Today, I was searching Google for help installing Perl modules through CPAN using the default Solaris Perl. Sadly, my own blog was one of the search results, and it was no help. I guess this entry is going to make the situation even worse. So I suppose I should put some useful information:

  • Solaris Perl is compiled using Sun Studio and not gcc
  • You must compile Perl modules with the same compiler Perl was compiled with
  • The Blastwave Perl is also uselessly compiled using Sun Studio and not gcc
  • Sun Studio is now free instead of thousands of dollars and free to download
  • The Sunfreeware Perl Package is compiled with gcc. Go sanity! I’m sure if you cared enough and wanted to waste time, you could download the Sun Studio compiler just for your handful of Perl modules, or you could download the Sunfreeware package and use gcc, the compiler that God intended you to use. Your choice man. BTW, Sun, you suck.