I’m finally tired of the Wordpress upgrade treadmill, and the zero-day exploits for poorly written PHP code causing my site to be compromised, and spammers to filling my blog with crap.

Since many of my posts have good Google juice, it was important for me to maintain my link structure. For awhile, I toyed with writing my own static site generator. I wanted to be able to edit my posts in Vim, and generate static HTML. The bar for hacking a blog through static HTML files and CSS is far higher than PHP backed MySQL driven sites. I did some searching and found one written in my language of choice, Python and which allowed me to seamlessly convert from PHP without breaking my links.

Though it’s got some rough edges, I’m pretty pleased with how well Blogofile has worked. I highly recommend it! Now that [Cloudfront supports a default root object](http://aws.amazon.com/about- aws/whats-new/2010/08/05/cloudfront-adds-default-root-object-capability/), I will eventually end up serving my blog through AWS, eliminating having to maintain a server or muck with Apache at all. Win win win.