A real solution to PowerShell SSH Remoting

Can’t wait for us to ship PowerShell Remoting? Want remoting to use SSH? Why wait for us? /N software has just announced a beta of their NetCmdlets V2.0 which provides PowerShell remoting over SSH today! They’ve had this for a while and V2 updates (and improves) the usability of the cmdlets as well as adding a bunch of new and exciting commands. For example, chances are that you won’t ever see Microsoft ship the [get/send]-s3 cmdlets but /N software V2 does....

March 31, 2008

Craig Venter

Interesting video… Feels strange to see CompSci intersecting so close to Biology.

March 28, 2008

ZFS Source Tour


March 20, 2008

In Canada, Milk Comes in Bags

March 16, 2008


February 21, 2008

Tuscon Complete Launches

My friend Richard has just launched his newest site: Tusconcomplete.com. The goal is to collect all the little tidbits of Tuscon in one place. Check it out, it is powered by my all time favorite open source Wiki software, DokuWiki. Congrats on the site launch, good luck dude!

December 12, 2007

Obligatory Seattle Snow Pictures

When it snows in Seattle, it s a big deal. Thanks to Flickr for hosting my images.

December 2, 2007

By the powers of two I command you to dial

Here in Alabama, USA we’ve just acquired the new area code “256” which means that some lucky (and probably unappreciative) bastard will get —1-256-512-1024 Which has simply got to be the coolest damn phone number I can imagine. – David McNett Can i dial 1-255-255-255255 and make every phone in the world ring? – Tanuki

November 13, 2007

Personal Gmail Use Statistics

I’ve been using Gmail since the invite only beta, my first received email was 6/15/04, and overall I have 8353 emails stored, which means that: I am currently using 896 MB (19%) of 4647 MB. Not bad, wish Google tracked the amount of spam I’ve gotten in that time frame. What does everyone else’s account look like?

November 5, 2007

Refresh on Daimyo.org

I got tired of all the crappy security updates that I needed to apply to my Drupal site, so I deleted the whole thing and installed DokuWiki. I’ll be filling it out slowly over the next couple of years. Feel free to add something to it. Daimyo.org

November 4, 2007